My Royal Albert Senorita may just be my favourite trio, at the moment. Seriously, how gorgeous is it? I fell in love with it instantly upon discovering a photo of it online while searching through Royal Albert patterns and lusted after it for a long, long time. I HAD to have a trio. It’s so sexy, with it’s stunning deep pink rose and beautiful black lace edging. Seriously delicious, it actually makes my mouth water with it’s deliciousness! But it’s a pretty rare, and sought after pattern, so fucking expensive. I would watch many auctions close above my limit and my heart would break a little each time. My mother in law got me this set for Christmas, I was sooooo bloody excited and happy to open it, and it makes it even more special that it was a present.

Each morning I stand in front of my kitchen shelf looking at all my beautiful trios and chose a set for my morning coffee. Senorita was todays morning tea set :) I had cute wee round pumpernickel cakes with avocado and Delmaine Red Pepper Dip (my new favourite dip, I want it on everything!). So good.